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Movi/ WKL

Movi/ WKL

Applications: Movi pumps are used for general water supply sprinkling, irrigation and booster plants, for the circulation of warm water, hot and cooling water, delivery of condensate and boiler feed water, and as fire-fighting pumps.


Single or multistage centrifugal pump of the ring-section type, with shaft protection sleeve / shaft sleeve. Pump feet cast of the bearing housings.

Technical Data

Pump Size : Movi 32
3 Capacities Q up to 5 l/s (18 m /h)
Heads H up to 400 m
0 0 Temperature t: -10 C to + 140 C
Pressure Pd up to 40 bar


Part Description Material of Construction
Casings CI Gr.FG 260
Impeller CI Gr.FG 260/BS 1400 Gr.LG2
Shaft C 45/AISI 410