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vacuum pump

Complete range of efficient, reliable and proven vacuum technologies for your individual application. Explore our industrial vacuum pumps here!

Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps

Here you can explore our vacuum pump products. We offer everything from small vacuum pumps to customized vacuum solutions for big installations.


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The reliability you need

When it comes to the provision of vacuum to your critical processes, you cannot afford to compromise. Whether your business is printing, plastics, packaging, pick and place, food processes, tobacco, electronics, pharma, tyre manufacturing, refrigerators vacuum forming, transformer oil filtration, woodworking, bottling, canning, automobile windshield float glass lamination, glass bottle forming etc., it is essential to eliminate risk. We are known for our extensive range of highly reliable rough, medium and high vacuum pump solutions, designed especially for applications that require consistent and efficient vacuum creation.

High productivity and low total cost of ownership

Besides our world leading compressed air technologies, we have been designing best in class industrial vacuum products to increase the productivity and vacuum energy savings to various industries.

We are your reliable partner. Our innovative product development and application expertise mean the right solutions for your application. With the ever increasing energy prices, you can optimise your energy costs with our broad vacuum products portfolio. Each configured to your specific needs … bringing you predictable performance you can rely on.

Highlights of our premium vacuum product range

Our premium product range consists of innovative GHS VSD+ oil-sealed screw vacuum pump, the most reliable DZS & DZM dry vacuum pump, the proven GVS & GVD oil-sealed single and multistage vane pumps, positive displacement lobe type mechanical booster, the widely used liquid ring vacuum pump, inlet filtration system, central control system and others. We can offer on-site vacuum pump service across India.