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Applications:water works, irrigation, sprinkler installations, boiler feed applications, condensate extraction, fire fighting hydraulic press, descaling plants


Horizontal radially split, multistage ring section pump with radial impellers. The stages are sealed by O-rings and clamped together by tie rods. Pump supports are integrally cast on suction/discharge casings, either at the bottom or at the shaft center line level. Standard nozzle orientation – For bottom support : Suction horizontal to right (when seen from suction side) Discharge vertically up. However, these nozzles can be horizontal to right / horizontal to left / vertical up. For center support both these nozzles are always vertically up.

Technical Data

Pump size : DN 40 to 150 mm
Capacities : Q up to 630 m3 /hr. (175 lps)
Total heads : H up to 780 m
Speeds : n up to 4500 rpm
Pressure & Temperature Limits
• Cast Iron : P up to 40 bar; t up to 230 deg C
• Chrome Steel & Carbon Steel : P up to 63 bar; t up to 230 deg C


• Suction casing, Discharge casing, Stage casing, St. box housing: C.I., WCB, CA6NM
• Diffuser, Impeller : C.I., CA6NM, LG2
• Shaft 45C8, Type 410, Type 410 Cr.pl.
• Wearing ring C.I., NiCi, Bz15, Cr. Hard 400
• Impeller ring 1.4024.19 • Shaft prot. sleeve C.I., Type 410, Type 316, CT1, NiCi
• Balancing disc* C.I., A182 Gr. F6a
• Counter bal. disc* C.I., A 182 Gr. F6a
• Bearing housing C.I.
• Tie rods 45C8, EN24V